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Canadian Life

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I was homeless. Not because I want to be homeless but because I often wonder if I'll end up homeless.  First of all my grades are not good. I also do not even know what job I would love to do. I have no desire... Continue Reading →

Suicide Part 1

My teacher of last year would always ask the question why is there more suicides now then during or after the world war?  My answer would be unless you are following a God what is the point of life? Like really what would be the point of waking up each day just to get judged... Continue Reading →

My friend why can’t you see?¬†

I wrote this rough draft in my philosophy class today. I recently had a friend commit suicide and then another friend told me she was thinking about suicide I wrote this out to express my feelings. Not another friend Please honey don't feel so sad. It's not good for your health. You know this but... Continue Reading →

Not Following God

Here I am AGAIN procrastinating. I am realizing just how much I procrastinate and it sure is not healthy. When I was young I could not wait to get social media and to see if my account would gain many followers as well as who would I choose to follow? There was just something cool... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

So you can call me religious, if you want by the end of this blog, but I don't think what I believe could be classified as a religion. I call myself a Christian but it's because I know that I have a relationship with the one true God. Not because I make sacrifies or believe... Continue Reading →

I Just Don’t Know…

This is going to be a short blog. I'm not at a lost for words. Some times ¬†silence can be the best answer you can give to someone who just doesn't want to be alone. We don't always need to "fix" every problem we come across cause that is just too overwhelming. This isn't always... Continue Reading →

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